Our story makes cents...

At the start of 2022, after years of helping businesses succeed financially and hosting a local show focused on spotlighting business owners and professionals, Making Cents of It All hit the ground running.  

With nearly two decades of experience in financial and professional services, Jesse poured his passion for helping small business owners and his years of experience into Making Cents of It All.  

Making Cents of It All looks to shine a spotlight on businesses and share their stories while helping them obtain the capital and services they need to succeed financially through partnerships formed with top financial services companies throughout the country.  

Founder - Jesse Stakes

Jesse Stakes has been an active member of the business community in the Jacksonville and greater Florida area for nearly two decades.  After being born and raised Jacksonville, Jesse and his wife, Cheryl, raised their children in the same area. 

Jesse enjoyed the outdoors, golfing, traveling, sporting events, and live music.  He and his wife take the time to enjoy life when they aren't helping their clients achieve their goals and find their own version of success!